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It is very pleasant to go to someone for a Reiki session but there are occasions when convenience, finances and time can be an issue.

By going on a Reiki workshop and becoming a Reiki channel you then have the ability to give yourself Reiki any time, any place, anywhere.

It can also be the start of a very interesting life journey as Reiki is a wonderful tool for personal and spiritual development.

I have trained as a Reiki Master /Teacher in both Western Tradition and Japanese Tradition Reiki. You can see my relevant lineages here. I can run workshops at all levels.


All workshops are accompanied by a comprehensive manual and a Reiki meditations CD, covering all aspects covered on the course day itself. On completion of each Level you receive your Reiki Certificate.

These workshops are different in that you receive your manuals in the days or weeks before you actually come on the day itself. This gives you time to spend at least 6 - 8 hours going through the theory and background. This allows us to spend the workshop day itself going through the practical exercises, with any queries you bring with you being answered.

During these workshops, students learn some fundamental techniques that enhance their practice of Reiki, including:

•   daily energy exercises

•   self-treatment meditations

•   intuitive working

•   different ways of experiencing and conveying energy

This is all accompanied by the simplicity and elegant purity of the Reiju spiritual empowerments.

Western practices of treating others and the use of symbols are also covered so that the training is comparable with that of most Western traditions.

After the workshop you have ongoing access to distant Reiju empowerments available each week. This echoes Usui’'s way of teaching Reiki, with cumulative empowerments throughout your training.

I offer free ongoing support and advice via email or telephone.



The workshops that I offer are an integration of Western Tradition Reiki,  as delivered via Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata and her Master/Teachers, and the Japanese techniques which we now know to be very close to what Usui Sensei actually taught to his students in the early 20th century.

They echo the more basic techniques of Japanese Reiki, thus students are attuned to Reiki by the use of deceptively powerful 'Reiju' empowerments rather than the more usual Western Tradition attunements.

This creates a harmonious approach to Reiki in the 21st century. Mikao Usui did not actually call his healing system Reiki, referring to it as either 'My system' or 'Method to Achieve Personal Perfection'. His students called it ‘Usui Teate’ (hand-healing) or ‘Usui Do’. The name Reiki came later, probably after his death.

It appears that Mikao Usui also did not use symbols for most of his students, only for the last of his Masters, the Japanese Imperial Officers, one of whom was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi.

Unlike the case today, Usui Reiki training was carried out on an ongoing basis, with an open-ended commitment to training, very similar to martial arts training.

Unlike today, where the focus seems to be more on treating others, original Usui Reiki placed most emphasis on personal responsibility and healing, and commitment. It seems that the treatment of others was not focused upon, being a minor aspect of the system, a ‘side-effect’ almost of the self-healing.


Emphasis was placed on living and practicing the Reiki Principles, or Precepts, as they are sometimes also called.


“The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings.

The spiritual medicine for all illness.

For today only:

Do not anger,

  Do not worry,

  Be humble,

Be honest in your work,

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

 Do gassho every morning and evening,

Keep in your mind and recite.”

The Usui Reiki method to change your mind and body for the better

The founder, Usui Mikao

Treatment techniques were few and the focus on intuitive working. The system allowed everyone to develop to the best of their ability via daily energy exercises, self-treatment meditations, sacred sounds (kotodama), intuitive treatment methods and spiritual empowerments.

Consistent and regular practice enabled transformation of an individual's ability to channel Reiki. Usui Reiki was very simple, with the focus on intuition and intent. The self-treatment methods and use of energy are quite different from the standard Western form.

This new knowledge has come to us via research by Frank Arjava Petter, and from Mr Hiroshi Doi of the Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

However, even more important sources of information take us back to the original Usui Reiki, unchanged since Mikao Usui's time.

A small group of Mikao Usui's students, surviving at least until 2000/01, each over 107 years old, were in contact with a very small number of Western Reiki Masters, one of whom is a high-ranking martial arts practitioner named Chris Marsh, to share some of the teachings received by them from Usui himself. This brings us closer to the original form than ever before.

I first heard of these techniques on a one-day workshop in September 2004. Intrigued by them I went on to carry out 3 month's of additional Master / Teacher training with Taggart King of Reiki Evolution.

Taggart was himself taught by Chris Marsh, who was taught by Suzuki San, a Tendai Buddhist Nun, taught by Usui Sensei himself. Thus these techniques from the early 20th century are now being passed on today to those who have an interest in personal and spiritual development and healing.

Much of the Reiki practiced today comes from the Western Tradition of Mrs Hawayo Takata. More emphasis is generally placed on the treating of others, as a complementary therapy.

Now we know more about the system that Mikao Usui actually taught we can see that the prime focus of Mikao Usui's Reiki are the personal benefits that result from committing oneself to work with the system, both in terms of self-healing and spiritual and personal development.



Level One (Shoden)   

£100           (£50 non-refundable deposit)

More details here.

Level Two (Okuden)

£140           (£70 non-refundable deposit)

More details here.

Conversion/Update for  those who have Reiki 1 and 2 in the Western Tradition. Please ring / email for enquiries. May be arranged on request.

£ 70             (£35 non-refundable deposit)

Level Three Reiki Master (Shinpiden)


If you have trained in the Western Tradition at Level I and II, you will need to learn the Japanese Tradition Level I and II as part of your Masters training. You may find it useful to do the Conversion/Update Workshop before embarking on your Master’s training.

Please ring / email for enquiries about training and fees. May be arranged on request.

More details here.



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