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 Karen Lewis

 +44(0)1902 863466


Although Reiki is a self-healing technique that you can learn to do yourself, you may choose to go to a practitioner such as myself for sessions. Sometimes it is nice to let someone else ‘pamper’ you, even if you are already a Reiki channel yourself.

A Reiki session can take as little as 10 minutes, although sessions usually last between 30 – 60 minutes.

After a brief consultation, the Reiki session is commenced.

No disrobing is required, and you can be seated or lying, although lying is more comfortable for the longer sessions.

In a warm, comfortable atmosphere you close your eyes and allow me to place my hands on your shoulders. I follow the intuitive approach, so from there, I go to wherever I feel drawn to. This may be anywhere on your:


front of your body



any specifically painful areas

I’ll usually hold my hands on any location for 1 - 3 minutes, although it may be longer if it is felt necessary. In some areas the hands are held above the body; very few people appreciate hands upon their face or throat, for instance. At the end most people feel wonderfully relaxed and refreshed.

The physical body quietens, but the mind can become sharper and more focused.

Sometimes you feel immediate results; at others the results are more cumulative in nature.

You can receive single sessions or you could take a course of 4 - 6 sessions, followed by sessions as and when felt to be required.

When working on others, it is not me that heals the recipient. I have no control over the energy flow. The intention at the outset of a session is always that the recipient receives whatever healing is required for their highest good at that time.  There are no expectations as to the result; we leave that to the Universal Energy.

As Reiki is considered as an essentially intelligent, 'self-healing' energy, what happens during a healing session is that the giver (me) acts as a channel for the Universal Energy to reach the recipient (you). The energy flows via the contact of the hands, placed gently on the body.

This Universal Energy is drawn to whichever part of the body most needs it at that time and then acts within the body and psyche in the manner that is most appropriate for the recipient at that particular time.

It is impossible to receive too much Reiki; the recipient takes only as much as is required.

Both giver and recipient may be aware of some sensation at any time during the session; feelings of warmth or cold, a tingling, throbbing or pulsation in hands, feet or even the whole body. For many it is perfectly normal to feel nothing other than a deep state of relaxation.

Once the Reiki session is at an end, and you have come to, we can then discuss anything you think is of relevance.


Please note: Unfortunately, due to an increasing number of people failing to turn up for appointments without the courtesy of notification, missed appointments will be charged in full unless 24 hours notice is received.



First Session

1 ½ hours  -  £40.00

(includes consultation)


Follow-on Sessions

1 hour  -  £35.00

½ hour  -  £20.00

 (Payment in cash or by cheque )


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