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When you undertake Reiki Mastership you come to the end of one journey, and begin another.

(If you have trained in the Western Tradition only at Level I and II, you will need to learn the Japanese Tradition Level I and II as part of your Masters training. You may find it useful to do the Conversion/Update Workshop before embarking on your Master’s training.)

This Reiki Shinpiden course includes:

•   preparation

•   initiation into Mastership

•   practice as a Reiki Master

At the end of this course you will be in a position, if you so wish, to teach Reiki to other students. They will learn from you, but more importantly, you will continue to learn from them.

However, there is nothing to stop you from going on to this course to further your knowledge and experience of Reiki, just for yourself.

This Shinpiden course provides a complete training in Reiki at the Master / Teacher level.

It consists of the integrated knowledge of Reiki from both the Western tradition approach and the new knowledge that has recently been learned that stems from Usui Sensei himself in the purest form that we know of.

You receive your comprehensive course manual, along with detailed pre-course instructions on receipt of your deposit, usually at least six weeks before the course.

This allows you to take in the background theory in your own time and at your own pace, thus allowing the actual 2 days of the course to be free for experiential, practical work.

The Japanese Reiju Master empowerments that you receive have the effect of opening up your energy systems to Reiki, causing a significant increase in the flow of healing energy. You are taught how to perform the Reiju empowerments at all three levels and also taught the Western attunement methods for the same.

You revisit and review Shoden and Okuden levels, this time from a teaching perspective. If you have been diligent in your regular daily practices, Hatsurei ho and the self-healing meditations should be second nature by now. As well as re-acquainting yourself with the symbols and their energies and the Distant Healing state, you now also learn the kotodama, or sacred sounds, associated with these energies and states.

You are also attuned to further symbols and learn additional techniques which results in:

•   an increased effectiveness of your treatments of self and others

•   the ability to pass Reiki on to others

•   a full experience of the flow of Reiki through your being

To boost your confidence as you take your first steps in teaching you can, if you like, assist on a Reiki Level 1 Workshop.

You either assist me on one of my workshops, or you can organise a workshop in your own locality at which I teach and you assist.

This allows you to experience 'hands-on' your first teaching group and allows for initiations under the watchful eye of a teacher.

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive manual that covers all aspects, including a teaching guide and 2 CDs. On completion you receive your Reiki Master / Teacher's certificate.

Workshop duration: 2 days (with optional 1 day assisting Level One Course) PLUS the time you have spent reading and studying the manual and listening to the CDs.

Shinpiden fees are available on request.

After the course you have ongoing access to distant Reiju empowerments available each Friday. This echoes Usui's way of teaching Reiki, with cumulative empowerments throughout your training.

I offer free ongoing support and advice via email or telephone.



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