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 Karen Lewis

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Featherstone, near Wolverhampton , West Midlands / Staffordshire Border

Number of Places     -    Maximum 4

Please ring / email to check availability


1 day  PLUS the time you have spent reading and studying the manual and listening to the CD - usually at least 8 hours.


Level One (Shoden)      -  £100              (£50 non-refundable deposit to

                                                                  secure  your place)

Please contact me for details of available dates.


Reiki (Ray-kee) is 'universal life energy'. This energy is channelled by the giver to the recipient and is healing to all aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Shoden Reiki 'Level One' course is a one day workshop, usually undertaken at a weekend.

You receive your comprehensive manual and Reiki Meditations CD, along with detailed pre-course instructions on receipt of your deposit, usually at least one week before the course.

This allows you to take in the background theory in your own time and at your own pace, thus allowing the actual day to be free for experiential, practical work.

This workshop provides training in the basic Reiki techniques. It consists of the integrated knowledge of Reiki at 'First Degree' or 'Shoden' level from both the Western tradition approach and the new knowledge recently learned that stems from Usui Sensei himself in the purest form yet that we know of.

On this course you:

•   will learn what Reiki is and its origins

•   will feel what it is like to give and receive Reiki

•   will experience the effects of a Reiki treatment – seated and couch

•   will experience the effects of the Reiki 'attunements' - the 'Reiju' spiritual     empowerments that Usui used

•   will learn how to make your Reiki strong

The 'Reiju' empowerments are simple, flowing and powerful connection rituals which open up the energy channels through which Reiki flows, resulting in an increase in Life Energy, and tune the physical and spiritual body to a higher vibratory level.

Once initiated into Reiki you have a lifelong ability that you can use for general well-being, relaxation, stress and pain management, for yourself and for others.

Reiki accelerates the body's self healing ability and can be used on its own or to complement all other healing modalities.

The course also introduces you to your personal energy and how to work with it. You will attempt to feel your own energy and that of others.

You get the opportunity to learn and practice some Japanese energy exercises that can be used daily to ensure a clearer and stronger Reiki channel. These 'Hatsurei ho' exercises have been missing from Western Reiki for at least 50 years, and 'fill in' some of the gaps.

Usui placed much greater focus on healing the SELF, than is generally done in Western tradition Reiki. You will be taught a self-healing meditation based on that used by Usui with his students - an extremely relaxing process.

You will also learn the Western tradition self-healing technique so you have the opportunity to compare the two approaches, and use either or both.

Usui appeared to consider the healing of others as a side issue but it plays a larger role in Western tradition Reiki. As this is Integrated Reiki you will be shown how to give treatment to others, both seated and on a couch, using 'standard' hand positions as a basic guideline.

As you become familiar and comfortable with this hands-on treatment you will probably find that you start to become more intuitive about your hand positions. (More is taught about intuitive hand positions at Okuden or Level 2.)

You can also learn about 'scanning' another's energy field to find out areas of imbalance. You get the opportunity to practice on your fellow students, giving and receiving feedback.

Course numbers are restricted to 4 to ensure adequate teacher/student interaction.

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive manual and the Reiki Meditations CD, which cover all the aspects that you learn about on the day. On completion you receive your Reiki Certificate and a hand-crafted version of the Reiki Principles.

After the course you have ongoing access to distant Reiju empowerments available each Friday. This echoes Usui's way of teaching Reiki, with cumulative empowerments throughout your training.

I offer free ongoing support and advice via email  or telephone.

If you have a group of 3 - 4 people who are interested in learning Reiki, it may be possible to hold the workshop in other venues. Please contact me for details.



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