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Reiki 2 Testimonials

Level 2 April 2009 - Michelle Peters (West Midlands) scaled the day as 10/10 for presentation and workshop materials. She says “I find it less intense to have some home study and then a day of practical. Any questions can then be answered on the day with no pressure due to time. She enjoyed the intuitive work and sums up the workshop thus: “I have enjoyed my experience during this workshop. Again with home study, this makes the day flow easier with less pressure.”

Level 2 August 2008 - Andrea Hopkinson (Staffordshire) scaled the day as 10/10 generally; for presentation; and for workshop materials. She “liked it all” and found that splitting the workshop between home study and practical day made it “easier to learn at own pace by home study first.”  

Level 2 August 2008 - Chris Myatt (West Midlands) liked the split between home study and practical day finding it “very effective with opportunities to digest information before practicing skills.” She found “Experiencing energies and practical exercises” the most interesting thing about the Workshop.

Level 2 June 2008 - Lynne Scott (West Midlands)  wrote: “The workshop was conducted in Karen’s home which was warm and inviting. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, Karen made us feel welcome. Thank-you for your hospitality, I enjoyed the day immensely.

 The workshop was presented very professionally. Karen is an excellent Reiki Master/Teacher and was very knowledgeable. Karen beams a genuine passion for Reiki,  I would recommend her workshop to all considering a Reiki course.

The workshop materials are easy to understand and enjoyable to work through. The nice thing is that you will always have them there for reference. I quite often look  back to my Shoden manual.

Splitting the workshop between home study and a practical day worked well for me. I was able to work through the material at my own pace and re-read as many  times as I wished. Having prior knowledge left the practical day to concentrate fully on the energy exercises, etc.

 During this workshop I found experiencing the differences between Earth Ki and Heavenly Ki energies most interesting. The Reiju Empowerment for each symbol was  quite an experience. I was surprised at the different sensations created by the two energies - amazing!

 No, I was very pleased with the whole workshop; it was brilliant. I don’t think anything was missed out but as Karen offers ongoing support if I get stuck I can email or  phone and my questions will be answered. Considering the amount of material that Karen worked through I think she worked hard, presented it well and it was great  value for money. Thank you ☺

 It was a brilliant day I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having another student on the day also made it more enjoyable as we were able to share our experiences to date. I have  enjoyed my Reiki journey; it has bought lots of ups and downs but it was well worth it. I have a much stronger outlook on life; I have more confidence, am calmer more  relaxed and I am at one with myself. I am so pleased that I took that first step into Reiki; Reiki will always be part of my life because it helped my personal growth and  made me appreciate the spiritual side of life.”

Level 2 June 2008 - Tim Collins (Cheshire) found the day to be “very interesting, lots of information and some nice surprises in the practical sessions.” Tim’s comments on the workshop materials -CD is very helpful. The manual good too, although I needed the CD to focus on the relevant bits”. He found the workshop format (split between home study and practical day) “Ideal”. He continued “Intuitve working - very interesting experience”.

The course handbook and CDs are excellent as they allow plenty of time to read and digest. The day was very relaxed and informative, there was plenty of time for practicals and Karen explained things very well. JR (Level 2)

A very relaxing and interesting day. The course manual and CD make it easy to dip into and learn before the practical session and provide a good source of ongoing reference. Karen's style is friendly and accessible, encouraging you to find your own best way of working with Reiki. Thank you! JG (Level 2)

A rewarding day, real exchange of knowledge.  I feel progress along my Reiki pathway has been achieved.  GB ( Level 2)

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Karen was such a perfect hostess. On reflection I needed to attend the Reiki 2 course but didn't realise it until today. Many thanks for your knowledge and kindness. DF (Level 2)



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