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Reiki 1 Testimonials

Level 1 March 2009 - Michelle Peters (West Midlands) scaled the day as 10/10 for both presentation and workshop materials. She says: “For me, I think this has worked best as I could do the home study at leisure and be able to re-read parts as and when I needed. She sums up the workshop thus: “I feel that I have achieved a lot by the end of the day. I was also impressed by what information I had retained from reading the booklet (manual). An enjoyable experience.”

Level 1 March 2009 - Maureen Ellement (Staffordshire) found the workshop very informative, with a small friendly group. She rated the presentation as 9/10 “presented in a very professional way. Good paperwork booklet to back up.” Of the split between home study and practical work day -  “practical day backs up the home study and vice versa.” She sums up the day: “At first I felt a little self-conscious but due to Karen’s teaching abilities I soon overcame this. Very informative and I look forward to practicing on all and sundry’”

Level 1 August 2008 - Richard Shaw (West Midlands) “I am at least for now very short for words which is not usual I have to say… Thank you both for such a wonderful experience on Sunday with my Shoden empowerment. I really cannot express it enough. The feeling of the running water over my hands was very evident all day on Monday and I just could not stop chortling to myself either. Not that I am complaining about that... Personally I found the split between workshop and home study just right, and found the practical experiences most interesting.”

Level 1 June 2008 - Andrea Hopkinson (Staffordshire) scaled the day as 10/10 generally; for presentation; and for workshop materials. She found that “listening to the CD made the manual easier to follow.” She also found that splitting the workshop between home study and practical day made it “a lot easier to take in the info over a period of time.” The most interesting thing about the Workshop was “Experiencing Reiki tingling in my hands. Have enjoyed it all.”

Level 1 March  2008 - Lynne Scott (West Midlands)  found the day to be “very relaxing, like home from home....” She found the workshop materials to be “Very informative, easy to read and understand” and regarding the format (split between home study and practical day) she said “I prefer this way of studying. I could do it in my own time and I understood it a lot better. Excellent.” She continued “I found it all very interesting but mainly the hands-on treatment, knowing where to place hands correctly.

I found the resources really useful, particularly being able to listen to the C.D.s. the handbook was extensive and provided a sound background in the lead up to the live course.  The course itself was at just the right pace for me, not too fast or too slow, and felt I had achieved a great deal at the end of the day.
Reiki experiences:
I have been using my newfound ability on my mum a great deal, in particular, for her IBS. It has not resolved it completely but I am there to offer relief when needed. I have also been using it on her whilst she has been going to the dentist (she is very nervous and had not been for 30+ years) It has been a great way of helping her relax and I have also been using it as pain relief.
A friend has had migraines every couple of weeks for the last year or so, i gave her at 10 min blast just on her head and 2 weeks later she texted me to say she'd not had another migraine or headache since!
For myself, I feel much calmer, I don't get as agitated or stressed out as I used to. I regularly use the CD at bedtime to help me relax before bed. I feel like a nicer, happier person and pleased that I can help so many of my friends and family with this brilliant gift. Thanks very much for the great day and I  will be in touch re: 2nd degree.

I found that prior to the course, having the course book allowed me to have an in depth look at what to expect from the course and how Reiki works, as I had no knowledge of this. Had the book been given to me a few days before the course, I would not have had enough time to assimilate it, and if I had had it after the course, it would not have been as useful, although I am finding it interesting to read now I have had my empowerments and am able to give treatments. It also helped having the meditation CD before the course as I could compare Hatsurei before and after having the empowerments. So all of the pre-course material was very useful.
On the day, I felt it was very beneficial having the session at your house as there was a lovely atmosphere there of peace and calm. I don't know whether it was the atmosphere in your house, or the effect of the Reiki, but I wasn't able to concentrate on anything else but the course itself, and my mind is notorious for wandering! Having just mum and I in the group also helped as there were no new people to have to get to know. We were lucky as I know there are usually 3 or 4 in every group. The course was put across in a very structured way, which I like, and kept to schedule so everything got done in the time allocated and there were no large digressions. You are a very good teacher - all of our questions were answered promptly with a clear, easy to understand reply, and on the odd occasions you did digress, it was all very fascinating.

All in all the day was very memorable and I look forward to when I can do level 2, which I hope will either be March or May.

Since having the empowerments I have noticed I can meditate and focus much easier. I have been scanning W and was able to feel tingles over his pocket which had his mobile phone in it (I didn't know he had it there). I was also treating my college friends on Monday for tummy ache, and yesterday when I was doing an Indian head massage at college I could feel tingles when balancing the chakras and when resting my hands on the shoulders prior to starting the massage. My teacher (who also is a Reiki master) said it definitely was to do with Reiki, so I am really pleased! It has rained every day here since I got back so when it dries a bit, I might try and give Reiki to W's dogs (I don't want to while they are wet). So I am getting plenty of practise. I took my first empowerment from Taggart on Monday, and I felt all tingly and floaty in my legs for a while until, I assume, the empowerment was over. I was very excited about that and am going to find out who gives them out every day so I have the option to take one whenever I feel I want to. LB (Level 1)

Thank you for a very enjoyable day last Saturday, both L and I felt very comfortable and relaxed and found the practical exercises very helpful.   It was nice to actually experience the Reiki and self healing, after reading so much about it in the manual.  Neither of us really felt any of the experiences described in the manual when receiving the empowerments but certainly felt something when we were practising on each other, which was a nice surprise.   I know that over the weeks the energy will get stronger with practice, so I am not to bothered at the moment if I don’t feel too much. L has been practicing her Reiki today at College and has had some interesting results.  I tried it on my husband yesterday afternoon.  I had to drag him kicking and screaming to the couch stating that he could not lie there for 50 minutes.  Because of this I didn’t prepare myself properly and my hands were very cold. He had started to relax with my hands on his shoulders but when I placed them on his temple he nearly left the table.   He was quite surprised at how quick the time went and he did doze a couple of times, so I must have been doing something right.  I think he will probably be more amenable to it in future.  I have also arranged to practice on my sister, mother and mother-in-law, so hopefully I may be a little better with them. LB (Level 1)

Really experienced something "special " today. Karen is very informative, lovely relaxed atmosphere and now I am raring to go! HS (Level 1)

Excellent course material, really clear and easy to understand. Karen was really friendly and presentation of the course was great. Really enjoyed the day. Many thanks. LT (Level 1)

Enjoyed the day. Very informative. I found the pack very useful beforehand to read in my own time. Then I was able to understand what was being taught without trying to remember everything. MD (Level 1)

A very enjoyable day. Theory very informative. Practical aspects of the day very enlightening. Pre-course information pack being issued prior to the live day has worked very well for me by providing background information which has been invaluable. Thank you. NH (Level 1)

All in all an amazing experience that I will remember for ever. I can't wait to do my Reiki level 2 with Karen now later this year! SM (Level 1)

This weekend I completed my Reiki level one course with Karen. When I arrived I was full of doubts that I would be able to 'do' Reiki, and thought that it would probably happen for everyone else but that I wouldn’t be able to feel anything. But just one hour into the course we did some energy exercises and I managed to feel my energy. It was a fantastic moment for me, and from there the day just got better and better, culminating in me giving a full Reiki treatment, which was an amazing experience, and then me receiving one, which was also wonderful despite me developing an awful headache due to the heat.

Throughout the day Karen was a fantastic teacher. She has a beautiful home which made for very relaxing surroundings to do the course, and both Karen and her husband (and their cats!) made me feel very welcome. Throughout the day Karen took the time to explain everything to us and patiently answered all our questions. She seems very knowledgeable, not just about Reiki but also other spiritual subjects, and we had some fascinating conversations throughout the day.

The manual and CD's were also extremely useful, especially the meditations CD, which I have found invaluable since completing the course.

All in all an amazing experience that I will remember for ever. I can't wait to do my Reiki level 2 with Karen now later this year! SM (Level 1)

Thank you for Saturday,and sharing your knowledge, I learnt a lot and found it really helpful it being such a small group, we were lucky to have the time to gently feel our way. Altogether  it was a day I shall always remember. If that sounds odd it is because I can't think of the appropriate words! It was relaxing but energising, calming but exciting, the first step on a fantastic journey. I now have the resources and the continuing support thanks to you and Taggart King, it is now up to me. PH (Level 1)

Thank you for an extremely enlightening course, your hospitality and for being so friendly and approachable. I would also like to thank you for your reassuring assistance and guidance during our practical Reiki sharing. For as long as I can remember I have always known and felt a strong affinity with energy, without really knowing what it was - people can be a little wary, for whatever reason. Your experience, belief and enthusiasm of the Universal Energy Force, through the medium of Reiki, reinforced what I now know through the practical applications. I thank you again.  It is fair to say that I didn't feel any earth moving events during the empowerments - not that I expected any. However, I certainly felt greater tingling - during our channelling practice - and was totally surprised by the power of the breeze coming from the hands and the extreme relaxation produced. Taggart was right the empowerments are deceptively powerful. ID (Level 1)

Having had Reiki before I was looking forward to experiencing it from a different aspect. I have learnt a lot and by having the book and CD it has helped in giving the general ideas and then putting it all into practice. It has been a lovely day. AH (Level 1)

Excellent day, Really enjoyed it. Found having book and CD prior to the day very good and amount crammed into one day was surprising. Surprised at the strength of energy felt at the early days of learning. CM ( Level 1)



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