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RESOURCES  My “Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT” website.

EFT, Reiki and All Kinds of Everything - My Blog

AAMET website

The Complementary Therapists Association (CThA)

Embody Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques

Embody Guide to Reiki Masters

These are links to sites that I often visit, and/or subscribe to their newsletters. You might find them of interest.  

EFT Universe - the new home for the articles and other items of interest that used to be on Gary Craig’s original Emofree site.

Download the EFT Quick Start pdf Manual

Rent Gary’s EFT DVDs

Operation: Emotional Freedom - The Answer -The groundbreaking documentary follows a group of volunteer vets and their families on a journey through a newer vision of health and healing for PTSD and trauma.

OPERATION: Emotional Freedom puts forward The Answer to enabling dysfunctional lives to return to balance, peace and productivity.

EFT Forums - "a grassroots, not-for-profit web-based library dedicated to sharing the art and practice of EFT” -"a new EFT and Energy Psychology Articles Library and Newsletter! This site is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the valuable knowledge and experience of the EFT and Energy Psychology community." - some great videos to tap-along with, and plenty to choose from! I really enjoy tuning in to these. - Carol Look's Website. If you sign up to her newsletter you get a good tap-along script with most editions as you can see if you go to newsletters index page. - Rick Wilkes Website with tons of free articles in the archives, and audios to check out.  - Carol Look and Rick Wilkes - lots of podcasts to tune into. - Carol Vartuli and Rick Wilkes - lots of articles to read through. - Suzanne Zacharia - a great little newsletter with some useful EFT tapping scripts. and - Noreen Barron's blog, and her website which has some EFT scripts and questions to help you find core issues and beliefs. - Andrew Wilkie's website - some nice tapping phrase ideas. - some good podcasts by Gene Monterastelli to listen to and tap along with.  - I enjoy reading Dr Alex Lees newsletters, always informative and infused with humour.

DevonEFT and - Blog and Website of my EFT Skype Tapping Buddy, Louise Woods - Website of my EFT Skype Tapping Buddy, Angela Rawlins  - Website of my EFT Skype Tapping Buddy, Angela Mooney

Susie Shelmerdine’s EFT BBC Television Interview

Angela Treat Lyon’s EFT Books website

Angela Treat Lyon’s EFT in Every Home website

Dr. Patricia Carrington's site   ‘Choices’ Method

Gwen Bonnell’s website  EFT and Energy Medicine techniques

Martine Moorby’s website

Energy Medicine (Donna Eden) and Energy Psychology (David Feinstein) website

Reiki Evolution  Taggart King's Reiki Site

Barry Mapp’s ‘House of Learning’  My First Reiki Master's Site

Susun Weed Website Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing The Wise Woman Way

Susun Weed  Alternative Approaches, Home Remedies and Herbs For Women

National Institute of Medical Herbalists

The Herb Index: A-Z list of common herbs. Read about the traditional use of herbal remedies.

The Dr Bernstein Diabetes Forum   Promoting and supporting a low-carb approach to the management of diabetes. is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Natural Cures from Shared Care Website A free guidebook to help you find out about alternative medicine and the problems helped by each one.

Cygnus Books - an excellent source of Mind/Body/Spirit books at very good prices.

Please email me if you find any broken links.