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Newsletter Archive

 Karen Lewis

 +44(0)1902 863466



ISSUE 5 -  December 2009


Dear Friend,

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In This Issue:

1. EFT, Reiki and All Kinds of Everything Blog Now Up and Running!

2. In the Pipeline …

3. “Menopause – Hormonal Balance With EFT” – Looking for Feedback

4. Energy Healing Resources

5. A NEW FUN way to eliminate food cravings!

6. Just to Remind Us What a Beautiful World We Live In…



The secret to getting things done:

Act without acting on. Work without working at.

Enter bountifulness when it is still insufficiency. Answer with kindness when faced with hostility.

Begin a difficult task in its easy stage, because large problems grow from small ones.

Begin a large task in its formative state, because complex issues originate from simple ones.

But be aware of those who promise quick and easy solutions! Accept problems as challenges.

In this way, the sage accomplishes great tasks without ever having to struggle with them.

Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching - Verse 63

The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live. – Socrates


1. EFT, Reiki and All Kinds of Everything Blog Now Up and Running!

I notice that this December is a Blue Moon month, with two full moons. We’ve all heard the saying “Once in a Blue Moon” - suggesting that something doesn’t happen that often (sounds a bit like a description of this newsletter!).

Well, it’s hard to believe that this year has nearly ended, and that the last newsletter was back in April. I really did have the best of intentions to keep it regularly updated but a few things got in the way.

First and foremost is the fact that I did finally get my blog off the ground. Yay! It can be found at . It would be great if you could go along and take a look at it; perhaps sign up as a Follower; and / or add comments if you think they are relevant. My hope is to make it interesting and informative.

I was able to carry out Carol Look’s EFT for Eyesight experiment, and posted about each section as I completed it – an interesting experience. Still have to get my eyes tested though ……

It takes a surprising amount of time to put together a posting and when that’s done on a frequent basis, it doesn’t leave a lot of spare time for other things. I suppose I could try to make shorter postings but there always seems so much to write about. You can see why I don’t do Twitter.

It didn’t help that I went down with some flu-like illness for about 3 weeks in July. Was it the oink-oink variety? Quite honestly I have no idea but it’s the first bout of “knocked off the feet” I’ve had since 2003. I gave myself LOTS of Reiki and used EFT frequently throughout and just let my body sort itself out in its own good time.

More recently I have started on mega-doses of Vitamin D, the use of which are covered in two of the more recent blog postings. Gene Monterastelli has a nice little podcast “Tapping for Immune System Health ” that you can tap along to; it takes about 16 minutes and seems to move energy for me, judging by the amount of yawning I do as I tap along.

Then two days before we were due to go on a two weeks holiday to Scotland we had a diagnosis of lymphoma of the bowel wall for our Mother Cat, Selene (more blog fodder – she also got lots of Reiki and EFT and as at present, is doing extremely well, I’m very pleased to say) so the next few weeks there were a bit focussed on helping her get better, despite her trying to play catching cars……

And now I’m trying to get my Yuletide cards completed (also best intent to make a few each month throughout the year which never materialized) before the posting dates go by.

However, I’m just about caught up, although I think it’s likely that I will try to produce a quarterly newsletter hereafter, with my main focus on regular blog postings.


 2. In the Pipeline …

Another thing that I have been playing around with earlier in the year is a computer programme I have that enables me to make up ambient nature backgrounds that I hope to polish up and put on my website as mp3. downloads sometime early in the new year.

Once I’ve done that, the next thing is to figure out how to produce and include melodies/music with them. That may take a little time …… and another learning curve.

They are quite nice to have playing in the background as you work on the PC, or could be used for relaxation, meditation, etc. Feedback from work was positive, although they presently end a little abruptly – part of the polishing process is to sort that.

So watch this space ……


3. “Menopause – Hormonal Balance With EFT” – Looking for Feedback

My eBook as been out for a while now and I would be interested to know if those who have purchased it have tried out the information within it, and if it has worked for you. It would be interesting to receive answers to the following questions:

Did you find the content interesting and informative?

Did it all make sense?

Was it easy to follow and understand?

Would you class it as good value?

Have you had a go at applying EFT to any issues that affect you, and what difference has it made?

And, I suppose, most importantly from my point of view, as an indicator of how well you have received this eBook, would you be happy to recommend it to other people?

If you are happy to take a few moments to contact me - , it would be much appreciated.

As well as the AAMET Level 3 EFT training, and the required mentoring that I have undertaken this year, out of personal interest and to further my knowledge I would like to obtain Gary Craig’s EFT- Cert 1.

I have the DVDs to study, having already watched them a few times, but now I need some clients as case studies to make up the required 100 sessions.

Perhaps you have got so far using EFT but feel a bit stuck, or that you can’t quite get to the core issue(s) on your own? Here is your chance to move on - if you are interested in becoming a case study, then please do get in touch with me for further details. Sessions can be carried out by telephone, or Skype, if you have it.


4. Energy Healing Resources

While I was at the recent EFT Mentoring Day with Martine in Harrogate I met up again with Anne Unsworth. A former teacher, Anne has brought out a book, “EFT for Children” which you can find at Author House  which I would like to recommend to you.

As Anne says in the Introduction:

“During the past few years schools have attempted to encourage emotional literacy among children.

This is an admirable step, but as a former teacher I feel that it does not go far enough.

The advent of such therapies as Emotional Freedom Techniques is the next logical step in the process of awakening children to the realisation that they do have control over their actions and reactions in many situations.

This book is designed for use by teachers who have had an introduction to EFT and, with consistency, it will prove to be a useful tool to enable pupils to clear away their emotional debris and be ready to learn.

While recognising that each case is individual, the general themes covered provide a starting point for further work.

I look forward to the day when all children are able to effectively handle their emotional wellbeing!”

This is a lovely little book, easy to follow and use, targeting common emotions such as anger, worry, fear, “I’m not good enough”, sadness and guilt. Although aimed at schools and teachers, I personally think it is a wonderful service we can provide for the young of today, whether our children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces, etc. It’s amazing how often I work on an issue and find something from my childhood, long forgotten, that crops up, and how you can see how such an incident has informed your life choices since. If we can show children that they can nip those negative emotions, experiences, writings-on-the-walls in the bud, what a wonderful gift that can be to ensure strong self-esteem and self-confidence.

In recent months Swine H1N1 Flu has been in the news rather too much, despite apparently generally overall being much milder than the usual seasonal flu. If you wonder what else you can do to boost your immune system you might like to look at Gwen Bonnell’s Heaven on Earth site at this page:

I get my husband to do this Spinal Flush on me when my back plays up. It’s amazing how just 3 applications really free things up and take away the pain and discomfort. You can learn more about this energy meridian technique by reading Donna Eden’s books “Energy Medicine” and “Energy Medicine for Women” and visiting and browsing her site. There are some video tips as well here and here (and even more if you look in the right sidebars).


5. A NEW FUN way to eliminate food cravings!

Do you “eat to live” or “live to eat”? If you are one of the latter and find that food has a tantalising control over you then you might well be interested in Dr Patricia Carrington’s new weight loss computer program using Meridian Tapping Techniques (such as EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques) to zap those pesky food cravings.


I’ve just posted about this on my blog - ZAP! FOOD CRAVINGS - , with this game-like Weight Loss Computer Program with Meridian Tapping Techniques from Dr Patricia Carrington.

For many, food and the need to eat can often take over their lives, AND their figures! You have tried all the diets, but still don’t feel in control. But help is at hand.

This new scientifically developed computer program has been created by a team of experts in the mental health and weight loss fields using Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT), which you may be familiar with as EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy). This use of energy psychology methods is a gentle and non-threatening approach to emotional or physical problems, and remarkably rapid in its effects. Lately, an increasing number of people are using it to successfully eliminate unwanted food cravings.

This ZAP! Food Cravings game uses tempting photographs of mouth-watering food items to help you eliminate self-defeating cravings for your “Downfall” foods. When you first look at these photographs you may well find yourself doing a Homer Simpson impression, drooling over foods you just can’t leave alone.

However, as you play the game you will probably find that the photo becomes just an Interesting Picture and experience a pleasant take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward formerly irresistible foods… this effortless control often lasts for many weeks and when it goes you just play the game again...

On the site you can listen to a revealing talk by psychologist and leading Meridian Tapping Techniques expert, Dr. Patricia Carrington or read what she has to say.

Click Here -  for more information and how to get hold of this revolutionary tool for weight loss and food cravings control at a 25% reduced Introductory Price plus two supplemental bonuses, if purchased before midnight on December 16th (Eastern US Standard Time).


6. Just to Remind Us What a Beautiful World We Live In…

This link arrived recently in a Dr Mercola newsletter. For many it has been an interesting year, shall we say, a bit challenging perhaps? However, when you look at some of the beauties and wonders of our natural world depicted here, I’m sure it just has to have an uplifting effect. It certainly does for me!


Does anyone out there have any interesting EFT and/or Reiki experiences of their own that they would like to share? Or feedback about other meridian energy modalities?

Does anyone have any questions they would like to ask?

I am always happy to receive any constructive feedback you wish to leave. If you have any ideas for things that would make this newsletter even more interesting for you, then please do let me know at


For more information on EFT and Reiki you can visit my website . The site contains a number of free downloads for you to access, if you have not already done so. An additional collection of EFT articles on Smoking has just been added.

It also includes a Forum, which is in its infancy and thus rather quiet at the moment. The more people who join the busier it can become and I would like it to be a place where you can visit and share your views. So do hop over and say hello!

If any of you ladies are finding that you have reached a certain time of life, and you don’t feel quite so cool, calm and collected as you once did, then you may be interested in my eBook, "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT", now available from my website


Finally, I would like to remind you that you can tap away your problems with EFT and relax and chill out with Reiki.

I’ll be back again soon.

I wish you all the Brightest of Blessings,



Karen Lewis



+44(0)1902 863466

The Herbery

Thistledown Drive


Staffordshire WV10 7SX



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