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Newsletter Archive

 Karen Lewis

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ISSUE 4 -  April 2009


Dear Friend,

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In This Issue:

  1.  Apologies and Update

  2.  EFT World Summit  20th – 28th April, 2009

  3.  EFT Resources

  4.  Just for a Giggle



If you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. ~Yiddish proverb

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. ~ William James

*****************************************************************************************1.  Apologies and Update

First of all I would like to apologise if you signed up to the newsletter at the start of the year and got numerous “Welcome to the Newsletter” emails.  We have no idea why it happened, although it did coincide with an intense period of spamming which may have had something to do with it. Thank you to Jan for contacting me to let me know about the problem. Should anything like this happen again, I would like to hear from you so that I can be made aware of the situation and take steps to remedy it.  The last thing I want to do is annoy people with excess emails.

Once again time has flown by and I haven’t been able to get out a newsletter any earlier than this. In fact, I haven’t been able to do very much on the computer since year end for one reason or another. I have found that you can try to use both EFT and Reiki on physical problems, but if it is not in your best interests to get better at that time, they merely help you to get by in less discomfort than otherwise. It seems that the body will not let anything get in the way of making you take a rest from certain activities if that is the best thing for you.

Still, it means that I have been able to re-read all the 22 books of the “Dragons of Pern” series on my bookshelf and just enjoy being relaxed, without the busy-busy mind. Trouble is, I now have to tap on withdrawal symptoms …

Well, the essential oil mix mentioned in the last newsletter did the job. The christmas tree was barely touched – although kitty-paws took a liking to the flowers in the vase instead. Still working on that one …

Although I haven’t been on the PC as much as usual, I have managed to get some articles written and published. Yay! You can find copies on the Articles Page on my main site and on my menopause book site. I have also set up a Newsletter Archive on my main site. It is also very pleasing to see that is beginning to acquire Google page ranking, so at least all the work put into the site so far now seems to be paying off.

My very next project is the oft-mentioned blog! As soon as it is up and running, I’ll let you know.

In this newsletter you will find a number of EFT resources that might prove of interest to you.


  2.  EFT World Summit 20th – 28th April, 2009

By now, you may have heard about the huge, exciting free event coming soon all about EFT, or emotional freedom techniques. Our friends at Try It On Everything have created a very exciting event that we believe is the first of it's kind.  

And here's the REALLY great news:  You can gain access to this event, for F.R.E.E. thanks in part to the support of Dr. Joseph Mercola and his team at, the most visited alternative health web site on the Internet.   

But what's even better is that you won't have to travel, or book a hotel, or sit in a meeting room... you can experience the entire event from the comfort of your own home!  

The event is called the EFT World Summit and is going to run (again, for FREE) for nine days straight and features 18 EFT trainings and presentations from some of the top experts and EFT Masters in the's truly the first of it's kind.  These experts include some of the top minds and practitioners in the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques, such as Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Carol Tuttle... in fact, there will be over 16 instructors in all... just take a look here at what you will get, at no charge to you.  

All these experts will gather together their combined knowledge to immerse you in the world of EFT, to help you create better emotional and physical health, prosperity, clarity, energy focus and much, much more... 

Never before has a panel like this been assembled...and it may never happen again, so I'd like to encourage you to get registered right away.   

Check out the blog to learn more about how this event is going to work...and by all means, get yourself REGISTERED right away... 

Over 18,000 people just like you have already registered... 

You can read more about EFT and the Summit at that blog and you can also register for the event right from that page.   

It's going to be incredible to experience how EFT helps thousands and thousands of people overcome fear, trauma, anxiety, phobias, pain, and much's 21st Century healing at its best!   

P.S. - Remember, you can register right from the blog, so check it out right away...and it's FREE!  

P.P.S. - Remember, this event is brought to you at no charge... 

P.P.S. - You don't have to travel or book a room get to experience the entire event from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve booked my place – how about you?


3.  EFT Resources

In recent weeks I have come across a number of sites offering useful information on EFT and thought it would be nice to share them with you.

The one I have really enjoyed is the “Try It On Everything” DVD by Nick Ortner and accompanying book by Dr Patricia Carrington. You can find details here. Although you don’t tap along like you can do with Gary’s DVDs, and so get to borrow benefits, it was quite moving to see how many of the 10 people who spent 4 days on an EFT intensive workshop turned themselves around. I’m about a quarter way through the book, pencil at the ready.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts and the like then I would recommend these from Gary Williams  and Gene Monterestalli. I haven’t been able to listen to all of them yet, but the ones I have are very interesting.


4.  Just for a Giggle

Pun Fun on Professions

My Other Half is terrible enough as it is for puns, so perhaps it’s better not to let him know about this site.


Does anyone out there have any interesting EFT and/or Reiki experiences of their own that they would like to share? Or feedback about other meridian energy modalities?

Does anyone have any questions they would like to ask?

I am always happy to receive any constructive feedback you wish to leave. If you have any ideas for things that would make this newsletter even more interesting for you, then please do let me know at


For more information on EFT and Reiki you can visit my website . The site contains a number of free downloads for you to access, if you have not already done so. An additional collection of EFT articles on Smoking has just been added.

It also includes a Forum, which is in its infancy and thus rather quiet at the moment. The more people who join the busier it can become and I would like it to be a place where you can visit and share your views. So do hop over and say hello!

If any of you ladies are finding that you have reached a certain time of life, and you don’t feel quite so cool, calm and collected as you once did, then you may be interested in my eBook, "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT", now available from my website

*****************************************************************************************Finally, I would like to remind you that you can tap away your problems with EFT and relax and chill out with Reiki.

I’ll be back again soon.

I wish you all the Brightest of Blessings,



Karen Lewis



+44(0)1902 863466

The Herbery

Thistledown Drive


Staffordshire WV10 7SX



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