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Newsletter Archive

 Karen Lewis

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ISSUE 2 -  August 2008


Dear Friend,

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In This Issue:

  1. Right tools for the job

  2. Putting the Reiki Precepts into practice

  3. EFT in the News

  4. Just for a Giggle!



Eliminate something superfluous from your life. Break a habit. Do something that makes you feel insecure. (Piero Ferrucci)


1.  Right Tools for the Job

It always makes life so much easier if you have everything you need to do something, at hand.

Last month, I participated in a local Psychic and Healing Fair, promoting my EFT Practice. It’s been quite a few years since I last did this and I needed to produce posters, brochures, business cards and other handouts, as well as put together a mini half-hour workshop as a basic introduction to EFT. Quite a challenge, squidging a half day workshop into half an hour, but I managed it.

The posters required a laminator, so now I have a new toy. The brochures required printing and then folding. Anybody out there had the fun of tri-fold leaflets? If you do it by eye, it often looks untidy.

Thankfully, my card-crafting hobby came to my aid. It takes time, and a LOT of patience, but using a score-board and embossing tool, plus a bone folder, results in perfectly folded brochures every time. I was pleased that they looked quite professional.

It got me to thinking. By having my crafting tools to hand, I was able to make a good and easy job of the task I had set myself.

I think you could say that EFT and Reiki are both excellent tools for the task of helping us through our daily lives. When the stresses, strains and anxieties become more than we would like, we can use either, or even both, of these modalities to improve our outlook, beliefs and attitudes, and thus often our situation.

I had an interesting experience of this just recently. I have inherited my husband’s previous company car as my run-around. We needed to get rid of the now defunct Rover I had been using. We had a quote to take it off our hands but it required us to drop the car off at the garage.

Unfortunately, this garage was not very local and required a trip, albeit short, on the M6 motorway. In the 24 years I have been able to drive, I have been on the M6 once, which absolutely terrified me. Obviously, I would have to drive the car, as my husband had to come along separately so we could get home again. We could go the non-motorway route, but then I risked getting lost, if I wasn’t able to follow my husband. (If I was a homing pigeon, I’d never get home! :-D )

Just the thought of getting on the motorway was enough to make me feel extremely anxious. I had massive butterflies in my chest and my palms were soaking, and that was the day before, just thinking about it!

So I decided it was time for some EFT.  I started at 9/10.

Even though I am so petrified at going on the M6, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have these horrible sweaty palms and huge butterflies, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’m so anxious that I’ll have an accident, I choose to believe that I’m a good driver and it should be a doddle.

My reminder phrases were ‘petrified of the M6’, ‘sweaty palms’, ‘M6 anxiety’.

I did the complete Basic Recipe (see for details of how to apply EFT if this is new to you) and felt so much better. About 2/10, perhaps. I decided I’d leave it and see if I needed more the next morning, before we set off. Ordinarily, I would have been chirfing all evening about the forthcoming ordeal, but I barely gave it a thought.

The next morning I felt slightly anxious, about 4/10. One specific aspect was coming up. Actually getting on to the motorway – this was what had scared me so much that once – feeling as if I was going to be rammed by a lorry coming up behind me.

Even though the thought of joining the motorway scares me so much, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

My reminder phrase was ‘joining motorway’. Zeroed.

Time to go. Got in the car – no nerves. Palms were fine, practically dry. Off we went. All the junctions were clear and favoured us. Getting on the M6 itself – no cars coming up behind me.

It certainly was a case of doing “something that makes you feel insecure”. Once I was on the motorway, I felt such a huge sense of relief, and even more so, of achievement. I’m still not inclined to travel on the motorway unless it’s really necessary, but I don’t think I shall be so scared and put off by the thought in future. All thanks to the power of EFT.


2.  Putting the Reiki Precepts into Practice

The first weekend of August was a bit of an intensive one for me as I had 3 consecutive days of Reiki Workshops. As a matter of course we looked at the Reiki Precepts.

Putting these Precepts into practice is quite a powerful thing in its own right, whether or not you are using Reiki as well. This was brought home to me in the very week previous to my Workshops.

At 5.45 am on the second Monday morning of my holiday, we were brought abruptly awake by a massive roar. I thought an aircraft was landing on the house! Turned out to be the son of one of our neighbours, who had bought himself a ‘new’ car. The exhaust sound certainly didn’t belong to the make of car, that was for sure. It took me ages to get back to sleep as the adrenaline rush had not abated much.

When this happened again at 6.45 am on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, albeit being driven more sedately up the road (you could still hear the car 4 junctions away) both my husband and I were far from pleased. We are both night owls, and don’t get to sleep much before 1.30 am, and I need 8-9 hours of decent quality sleep to function properly. With a week’s sleep deficit of up to 10 hours, neither of us were feeling very charitable.

I suggested my husband check with the Council to see what could be done about such a nuisance. Many of our neighbours were also far from pleased. I’d thought we could perhaps have a gentle word with the family, and tell them that we’d have to take it further if nothing was done. Although in the past, they haven’t seemed very concerned about the noise they make.

Grumpy Bear husband came back from work to say that there was a place on the Council site where you could email in a complaint – and he had! I groaned and didn’t at all look forward to the possible ensuing hoo-ha.

I was getting everything sorted for the weekend Workshops, and started musing on the Reiki Precepts. “Just for today, do not anger, do not worry”, even if I was tired and cantankerous. “Be compassionate to yourself and to others”. As I settled down to bed that night, rather than worrying about the fact that I’d probably be woken noisily too early, I sent Reiki to the situation.

I was very pleasantly surprised to awake in my own time, and to realize that although the car was gone from its spot, I hadn’t been woken by it. Perhaps I was so shattered I’d slept through regardless? But none of the neighbours had heard it either.

Since then, it’s all been peaceful and quiet. Had something been said by someone else? Was it the Reiki? I don’t really care. The Council got back to us to say they couldn’t do anything – if it was a big problem we would have to take it to the police. The exhaust has been silenced, well, pretty much so, and it’s not affecting our sleep anymore, so, thankfully, we don’t need to do that.

But the timing is so coincidental – hmmm?????


3.   EFT in the News

As I was watching the BBC lunchtime local news on the 25th July my ears pricked up when I heard the word ‘tapping’. Could this be anything to do with EFT?

It certainly was! Suzanne Shelmerdine, an EFT Practitioner in the Midlands, was being interviewed by BBC Midlands Today about how she had used EFT to help her to overcome M.E. You can tune in to the interview at this link here:

The interview was repeated in the evening showing as well. I emailed Suzanne to congratulate her on such decent prime-time exposure. She said she was really pleased that the positivity wasn’t lost in the editing. Susie’s website can be found at:


4.  Just for a Giggle

Those who know me know it’s a case of ‘love me, love my cats’. Even my forums avatar is a winking kitten cat. So for all those other cat lovers out there, take a look at this site.


Does anyone out there have any interesting EFT and/or Reiki experiences of their own that they would like to share? Or feedback about other meridian energy modalities?

Does anyone have any questions they would like to ask?

I am always happy to receive any constructive feedback you wish to leave. If you have any ideas for things that would make this newsletter even more interesting for you, then please do let me know at


For more information on EFT and Reiki you can visit my website The site contains a number of free downloads for you to access, if you have not already done so. An additional collection of EFT articles on Fibromyalgia has just been added.

It also includes a Forum, which is in its infancy and thus rather quiet at the moment. The more people who join the busier it can become and I would like it to be a place where you can visit and share your views. So do hop over and say hello!

If any of you ladies are finding that you have reached a certain time of life, and you don’t feel quite so cool, calm and collected as you once did, then you may be interested in my eBook, "Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT", now available from my website


Finally, I would like to remind you that you can tap away your problems with EFT and relax and chill out with Reiki.

I wish you all the Brightest of Blessings,



Karen Lewis


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