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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  (Confucius)


I love animals, but most especially cats. We have three at home, who effectively rule the roost. I’m sure that most pet owners find this to be the case. So the humour files are likely to feature animals as much as anything else. I hope you enjoy this section, that it brings a smile to your face. If anyone finds some right corkers, please feel free to send them in for us to share. ☺


CATegory - cat run over by steamroller

CAThedral - a church cat

CATaract - a cat with bad eyes

CATerpillar - a very fuzzy cat

CATalonia - a Spanish cat

CATapult - a flying cat

CATaclysm - a cat prone towards violence

CAThode - an electrically charged cat

CATholic - a religious cat

CATerwaul - a cat with a very loud cry

CATacomb - a cat that burrows underground


Well, here we are, a brand new website and a newsletter to go with it. I’ve already had a go with a website before, well it was the dear Other Half who actually did the hard work, but writing a newsletter? This is most definitely new territory for me. Can I be disciplined enough to settle down and write on a monthly, ongoing basis? Can I come up with enough material to feed a monthly column? Crumbs, what have I let myself in for? Already I can find a few tappable issues to play with.

This is the start of something big and new for me. My relatively new experiences of EFT to date have had me fascinated and amazed, and I am keen to get out there tapping away. My Reiki experience goes back nearly a decade now, but I am always learning something new as my journey progresses. I want this newsletter to be a friendly interaction between me and you. I hope that you would care to join me on this journey, to see where it takes us. I would appreciate input from you, my readers and friends, of YOUR experiences with EFT and/or Reiki so that we can share our successes in these pages. I would like to see a section in place containing case histories, both mine and yours. If you have any questions I hope to be able to have another section where they may be answered, either by me personally or perhaps by our fellow readers.

I am a voracious reader. I love books with a historical or fantasy aspect. I am particularly interested in the Middle Ages of the time of the Wars of the Roses, a staunch Yorkist and Ricardian, but my interest does extend into the first Elizabethan age. I’m also a great fan of Terry Pratchett and his extremely quirky Discworld novels. I love Mercedes Lackey’s ‘Valdemar’ series, and Katherine Kerr’s ‘Deverry’ series, Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Jamie and Claire’ books and am looking forward with great anticipation to the oh-so-long awaited English translations of Sergeanne Golon’s final books in her ‘Angelique’ series. In fact the thought has just crossed my mind that it would be an interesting EFT experiment to see if I can work on improving my extremely rusty schoolgirl French so that I can have a go at doing my own translation. So far I managed just about a page in a whole day – can EFT ride to the rescue? Hmmm, when I have a little time…..

As you can see from the above I am a great escapist, but I do also read a lot of books on personal and spiritual development and on health issues generally. In fact, I owe my interest in EFT moving forward to Gill Edwards, having read her book ‘Wild Love’ last summer. I have all her books to date in my library and find them very thought-provoking. Her talk about Energy Psychology got me back on track to finding out more about these techniques. I realized that I had Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’ sitting on my shelves. I had bought it some years ago but couldn’t get into it. Now I devoured it; all had fallen into place.

Then I found Gary’s immensely informative and interesting site. (My biggest problem with is that I pop on to check for something, and then get sidetracked. I often end up spending SO much time browsing; it is so difficult to come away.)  

But now the time is ripe. Now I find that Reiki and EFT have become a daily part of my life. Neither are things that I DO, rather they are a way of life, a way of BEING. As a result my life is full of joy, beauty and rainbows. (I do have to say that rainbows can be dangerous for me. On a walk in the Yorkshire Dales recently I was watching, entranced, as a rainbow kept materializing and dematerializing in front of my eyes. Trouble was, I was walking forwards as I was watching sideways and I somehow managed to get the loop of the lace on my right walking boot caught in a hook of my left boot; I had a split second to realize I was going to be on the deck and was able to go into a semi-controlled sprawl right in the middle of the road. The language was rather less than ladylike as my husband helped me to my feet. Ordinarily there are never any people around on our walks but of course, just a few yards in front of us were a couple of guys surveying the area, and an elderly gentleman came up from behind to enquire if I was all right. I felt such a twerp! And hoped the cursing had been sotto voce enough not to have been heard!

I’d grazed the palms of my hands and given my right knee a good bump. However, a quick check suggested that nothing terrible had happened other than my dignity being ruffled, which was just as well as we still had another mile and a half to walk. My first thought had been ‘Well, that’s brought you down to earth with a bump. Serves you right for watching rainbows rather than where you were going!’ This was followed by the more positive ‘Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and carry on your way’ once I realized no obvious serious damage had been done and relief that I know now that I bounce when I fall – as I have a slight background worry of broken bones if I fall as I age.

I did work some distance Reiki on my knee to help get me to the end of the walk. Once back at the B&B I inspected the damage. The right knee was rather swollen and beginning to colour and my left wrist felt sore and bruised. After a warm bath I settled down on the bed and carried out my Reiki meditations – Hatsurei Ho and self-healing. I followed this with a few rounds of EFT to address the bruising and grazes. Within ¾ hour the swelling had disappeared and although there was a bit of a stiff-legged hop-along going downstairs I was otherwise fine. I was quite impressed.)

But I digress. What I would like to do is to perhaps include a review section on books or websites that may be of interest. It’s a possibility. What do you think?

Finally I have an ANNOUNCEMENTS section.  My first announcement is that I am currently working on an e-Book about using EFT on hormonal problems, such as menopause and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). As I am at that stage in life, myself, where change is taking place I am having quite a bit of personal experience in the use of EFT. As hormonal ‘tizzies’ seem so commonplace for us ladies it seems a good place to start as a specialization. So it is a case of ‘watch this space’ – you will be the first to know when it becomes available for download from the website.

If any of you have any announcements that you would like to spread through the EFT and Reiki community then please get in touch.

I think this brings my musings (or should that be ramblings?) to an end for now. I could start thinking about the next newsletter, but I feel an urgent need for creative card-making come upon me. That is one addiction I have no intention of EFTing away ☺

I am always happy to receive any constructive feedback you wish to leave. If you have any ideas for things that would make this newsletter even more interesting for you, then please do let me know.

In the meantime, I will remind you that you can tap away your problems with EFT.

I wish you all the Brightest of Blessings,


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