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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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 Karen Lewis

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Karen shared my worries and showed me how to use EFT to help myself when I got low. She also took the time to print a heart-warming card which made me come closer to my losses, knowing we will be re-united at some time. (P Wells)

This was one of the those strange situations where I can't even really remember how Karen came into my was at a time when I desperately needed help, support, clarity and direction with quite a few areas in my life and it was almost as if she appeared from soon as I spoke to her I felt at ease and knew that she would be able to help me with EFT sessions...

I certainly wasn't looking for someone to do it all for me because I strongly believe in taking responsibility for everything that goes on in my life.. Karen doesn't take away your responsibility either - she has merely guided me through some pretty tricky EFT sessions and I have to say that I do feel that it really has helped me...

There are lots of things that I like about Karen - she is caring and down to earth and has been enormously generous with her time, sent information that she has felt would help me and has given me some great links into other websites... nothing is too much trouble... so in short - I will always be grateful to her for all that she has given me and if anyone is thinking of having a treatment of some kind with her - then I would thoroughly recommend it!!

(Hazel - West Sussex - Telephone Consultations)

How  quick and easy the technique is to do. A very simple and effective self-help tool that I could use anywhere at any time. (J. Green  - Basic Introduction to EFT Workshop)

I have realized how effective tapping is. I am amazed that it works. It should be very helpful. (J. Fox - Basic Introduction to EFT Workshop)

I would like to thank you for an interesting and informative session. I came away relaxed and contented, something that has eluded me for some time. I can definitely say I noticed the difference in my emotional wellbeing following the session and in the days that followed. Again, thank you. (J. Parks)

Having attended the session to help pain management of my medical condition I was surprised at the technique's simplicity in gaining effective results. It reduced the pain in both my neck and my arms. (T. Richards)

I found the session to be very interesting. I was surprised at how many other issues surrounded my initial area of focus. An issue which started " 110 / 10 " became a 3/10 after only a few minutes and went on to become 0/10. I look forward to using the techniques in other aspects of my life. (J. Richards)

My EFT session with you was very interesting. I found that it helped me when you took me through each phase. You introduced aspects of my fear from different angles, which I would not have thought of myself. Each time we did the tapping I did feel that the fear was less than it had been before. At the end of the session I felt very relaxed and couldn't even remember what the fear had felt like. I did at the time feel that we had got my fear down to level 3. However, I was fine until I got ready for bed and then I realised that some of the fear was still there and felt that the level I had actually reached was about 5. I definitely did feel some change during our sessions but unfortunately have not been able to achieve these results tapping on my own. (L. Baker)



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