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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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This section is taken from my manual ‘Balance Your Life With EFT.’

 EFT is a technique that you can learn for yourself, to use on you and others.

Remember that you must use EFT responsibly and not try to work on issues that are beyond your ability. You must be prepared to take personal responsibility for its use. If you ever have any doubts, then  please consult a qualified practitioner.

There are 3 basic steps to the process of EFT.


This must be defined in your own terms; it must ring true for you, just as you think, feel or speak about the problem.

Think about what it is that bothers you. Notice what happens to yourself as you think of the problem – mentally scout around your body; is there tension or pain anywhere, a feeling, a memory or a craving?


Try to be as specific as you can be. How do you feel? Can you rate the intensity of that feeling, or that pain, etc. on a scale of 0 -10 (the SUDS or Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale) where 0 means ‘everything is fine; I’m chilled’ and 10 means ‘HELP!!!! Maximum distress or disturbance’?

You may also occasionally come across the term VOCS.  This stands for Validity Of Cognition Scale.  This is again a  0 – 10 scale, but this time you are rating, estimating or even ‘guess’timating  the level of truth of a belief, thought or attitude that you hold.  In this case 0 equals not true at all and 10 equals absolutely true.

For instance you can measure where you fall on the VOC scale if you tell yourself ‘This EFT thing could not possibly work for me.’ Initially you may rate yourself at 7/10 so this would be a fairly true statement. Once you have gone through the process a time or two and re-rate yourself you may now find the same statement rates a 1/10 or even a zero. You now believe that it can work for you. So VOCS is a useful measure when you want to estimate the intensity of any self-limiting beliefs that you may have.



Balancing occurs as a result of applying the EFT tapping routine(s). The vibration from the tapping serves to stimulate the meridian channels via the acupuncture end-points.

3 CHECKING it out

This is done by scouting around again to see if anything has changed or if something else, another ASPECT, is emerging. Rate your intensity again 0 – 10. If not down to 0 repeat the procedure on the remainder of the problem, or start over if another aspect has emerged.



What is an aspect? Some problems are very simple and can be solved very swiftly. Many problems, however, are more complex. Gary Craig likens these sorts of problems to a table-top. It is supported by legs; it may just be the standard four, but in many scenarios there may be multiple legs supporting that table-top.

Say you were involved in a car accident. You EFT the horror you felt as the other car came towards you. You get it down from 10 to 0. Job done? When asked about the car accident again you still feel great emotion. But now you pick up on a different aspect of the scenario. Now you are seeing again the headlights of the oncoming car, or hearing the squeal of brakes, seeing the face of the other driver.

That one car accident scene (or table-top) is actually made up of many small parts (or legs), which together form the whole incident. As each individual aspect comes up to the surface, it offers you a new separate problem / challenge to work EFT on. Sometimes you can zero an aspect; other times you have to zero ALL the aspects before you gain relief from your presenting issue. Eventually you have dealt with enough ‘legs’ to topple the table. Persistence pays.

Another metaphor that Gary uses is that of ‘trees in a forest’. The problem / challenge in hand is the forest, made up of many trees. It can be quite global or non-specific. You can address it with EFT, and with great persistence and consistency of practice you can chop that forest down. However, it is easier to chop at one tree at a time. This is where being specific comes in.  

Say for example you had a rough childhood and your parents treated you badly.  You might think to use the statement, ‘Even though my parents treated me badly, …’ but this would be too global. This is the whole forest!

What you need to do to work on this more swiftly and easily is to break it down into specific events or ‘trees’.

        ‘Even though my parents left me all alone in the dark when I was 5 years old, …

Even though my parents hit me in front of everybody that time in the store, …

Even though my parents didn’t let me play with my friends during the summer of ’64, …’

Even though I felt so rejected when they didn’t do anything for my 18th birthday, …’, etc.  



By working on these individual aspects or trees you often find that after a number of aspects have been dealt with, the whole thing just topples over as a result of the generalization effect.

Some of the aspects have themes in common. Remove one and it has a knock-on effect on the other aspects. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but many people find they no longer have any emotional charge when they think back to similar incidents. That ‘conditioning’ factor seems to disappear.

If anything does come up at a later time, it is most usually yet another aspect that has appeared, rather than the original problem coming back. And of course, once recognized, it can be EFT’d.



Apart from using SUDS or VOCS you can often tell that you are going in the right direction if you find yourself yawning, sighing or taking deep breaths, or having watering eyes. These all indicate a greater state of relaxation is now present. They are also signs that energy is moving again, that blockages are freeing up. I have also noticed this happening during Reiki sessions, another form of ‘energy medicine’.

Another sign, slightly embarrassing for some, is gurgling tummies. When I get a combination of gurgles and giggles in a consultation it is nearly always a sure sign that things are moving in a positive direction!




The Basic Recipe in EFT comprises the Setup, followed by a sequence of tapping, the 9 Gamut process and another sequence of tapping.

Setup Phrase

We start with an opening statement, known as a Setup Phrase. The key words must be your own, feel true to you, not what someone else wants for you, and should be said out loud with emphasis and feeling. Sometimes it even helps to shout it out!

You are acknowledging the negative, or problem (or should that be ‘challenge’?) in the first part of the Setup. The second part states that you accept yourself regardless, or that you are at least open to the possibility that you can accept yourself.

For example, ‘Even though I have this terrible craving for __________ , …’. The latter part of the phrase, ‘I deeply and completely (love and) accept myself’ acts as a positive affirmation to neutralize any negative thinking, the cause of Psychological Reversal.  


Reminder Phrase

This Setup Phrase is then shortened to a Reminder Phrase. This makes it easier to repeat as you go through the tapping process.

You do not have to believe the statement for it to work. If, however, you have difficulties saying that you either love and/or accept yourself, then this in itself is an issue you can tap on.

If you feel uneasy using these terms then you can replace them with something like ... ‘I am all right’, or ... ‘It’s OK’ or .... ‘I am fine’. Use whatever you feel happy with. Before long you should find you have no trouble with either loving or accepting yourself!


9 Gamut Process

After the first round of tapping you go on to the 9 Gamut Process. This rather odd looking series of routines serves to ‘fine tune’ the brain, stimulating certain parts of the right (creative) and left (logical) brain as you carry them out.

You carry out the eye movements, humming and counting at the same time that you continuously tap on the Gamut point. This is found on the back or dorsum of either hand and is the soft indentation you can feel about ½ inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring and little fingers. Having completed the process you continue with the second round of tapping, using the Reminder Phrase.


So, get yourself a pen and a pad to make notes and now to have a go yourself:

  1 Select the issue to be worked upon.

 2 Formulate a specific statement that best describes how you feel. Write this    down on your pad.

  3 Grade your feeling or sensation on the SUDS rating of 0 - 10 (10 = acute)     and make a note of it.

  4 EITHER rub the Sore Spot on your chest

    OR tap Karate Chop, and at the same time repeat 3 times:

     ‘Even though I …… (name the problem / issue) …… I deeply and     completely (love and) accept myself.’

    E.g.  Even though I have this terrible craving for __________ , I deeply,     etc……

  5 Shorten to reminder phrase:

     ‘This …problem / issue …’

      E.g. Terrible craving for __________

  6  Tap each of the following points about 7 times with two fingers, at the same       time repeating your reminder phrase:

                                 EB  -   eyebrow

                                  CB  -  corner of eye

                                  UE  -  under eye

                                  UN  -  under nose

                                  CH  -  chin (under mouth)

                                  CB  -  collarbone

                                  UA  -  under the arm

                                  TH  -   thumb

                                   IF  -   index finger

                                   MF  - middle finger

                                   LF  -   little finger

                                   KC  -  karate chop


7 THE 9 GAMUT PROCEDURE (be aware, you may feel a bit daft doing this):

While tapping constantly on the Gamut point (see above for position), do the following:

i       close eyes

ii       open eyes

iii      keeping head still, look hard down right

iv      keeping head still, look hard down left

v       roll eyes anti-clockwise

vi      roll eyes clockwise

vii      HUM a few seconds of your favourite song

viii     COUNT TO FIVE

ix       HUM a few seconds of your favourite song

Repeat the tapping procedure

Take a deep breath

Scale your problem again. If you have a reduction but it has not completely gone, repeat the process but change the statement to:

‘Even though I still have some ……….. I deeply and completely (love and) accept myself.’


‘Even though I have this remaining … I deeply and completely (love and) accept myself.’

E.g.  Even though I have this remaining craving …

You then adjust the reminder phrase in the same way, with the word some or remaining.

E.g. This remaining craving …

You can repeat this as often as it takes to reach 0/10 or an acceptable level.



So now you know how to have a go at EFT. Please do not be put off by its apparent simplicity. You may well be amazed at how effective it is, even as a total beginner, on your first attempt.  

As Gary says, try it on anything, exercising the caution of keeping within your limitations. This is a wonderful way to take personal responsibility for your health and well-being.  

Remember you can freely download a copy of my manual or you can obtain an EFT manual here, to gain much more in-depth details and give you a good solid base to work from. And if you wish to take things further, you may like to consider watching Gary’s DVDs, which you can now rent from here.  I highly recommend them having bought the complete set myself!


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