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 Karen Lewis

 +44(0)1902 863466


I offer a free 15 minute mini-consultation (weekday afternoons between 4 and 6pm GMT/BST) by telephone or Skype if you want to have a little chat about what EFT might be able to do for you. If you feel it could be something to explore further an appointment  can then be made.



A one-to-one consultation usually takes one and a half hours for the first session, held at my home practice.

At the time of booking a first  appointment you will receive a questionnaire to fill in and either return by email or bring with you.

During the first appointment, the client and I discuss the presenting issue(s) and the client is introduced to the full EFT Basic Recipe procedure.

If considered applicable, ‘homework’ may be set for ongoing benefits.  

Ongoing support by telephone, Skype or email is always available, if required.

Fee for First Session             £40.00


EFT is usually a very swift working and effective technique, and results are often seen by the end of the first session. (Often known as one-minute wonders).

However, many issues are often more complex and may have other aspects that  arise, or you may have other issues which you wish to address. Therefore it is more usual to have 3-4 sessions and a re-appraisal of the situation at the end of each one.


Follow-up sessions can be booked, based on hourly or half-hourly intervals of time.

Fees for Follow-On Sessions    1 hour        £35.00

                                                           ½ hour       £20.00


One of the great advantages of EFT is that it allows me to guide you through the process by telephone or Skype, allowing you to obtain the same beneficial results as an 'in-person' visit. So you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to take advantage of the benefits of EFT!

Telephone and Skype consultations are available for EFT at the same hourly rates as above (not available for those in Canada and the USA).

Skype is excellent as a way to make free internet phone calls, and if you have  a webcam it makes EFT calls easy as we can both see what the other is doing. You can sign up with Skype quite quickly and easily.

Should you wish to have a Skype consultation, please email me for my Skype ID and we can set up an appointment.

Please phone or email to make an appointment and to receive instructions for your call and details of payment.

You may pay by cheque and the appointment will be arranged on clearance of cheque.

Or you can make payment by Paypal over the internet.  If you do not yet have a Paypal account you can set one up free of charge ( ) when making your payment. Once you contact me, I can send an invoice direct from Paypal, which you fill in and send back via Paypal.

 Our session can then go ahead, with you ringing at the arranged time.

Please note: Unfortunately, due to an increasing number of people failing to turn up for appointments without the courtesy of notification, missed appointments will be charged in full unless 24 hours notice is received.