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 Karen Lewis

 +44(0)1902 863466


I am Karen Lewis, a self-employed energy healing practitioner. My main disciplines are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Japanese Usui style Reiki, but I am also an Aromatherapist, working with adults with learning disabilities in Cannock and Stafford. I am also qualified as a practitioner of Herbal Medicine, and have also qualified in the past in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

I live with my husband and three feline companions in Featherstone, near Wolverhampton. It is from here that I run my practice.

In 1988/89 I decided upon a career change from being a clerical assistant for the local electricity board. I felt that there had to be more to life than pushing paper from desk to desk.

So I began my training in Herbal Medicine. In April 1995, having qualified after 5 years of study I was accepted as a qualified practitioner into the ranks of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. This of course was really only the beginning of the learning process, which continues to this very day.

During my clinical training hours it became obvious that stress is a big factor with many illnesses. Although it may not necessarily be the cause, it can certainly exacerbate the process.

During our seminars on clinical examination techniques it also became obvious that touching others is not always easy to do. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and embarked upon an Aromatherapy course.

This not only gave me confidence to touch people but also gave me an additional skill to help with the treatment of stress. In December 1994, just a few months after completing my herbal studies, I qualified as an Aromatherapist.

The following summer I was approached by a local Day Centre for adults with learning disabilities and I am still working with them now. I have found it to be immensely rewarding, working with these people. I have learnt a lot from them, and am pleased that they so enjoy our time together.

REIKI entered my life in January 1998 and extremely welcome it is too! My first brush with Reiki was back in the early 1990s, and I have to admit that I was very dismissive of it at that time.

This was partly because the friend who was telling me about it was so extremely enthusiastic that it seemed that it couldn't be for real. There was also the fact that I was at this stage about three years into my herbal training of four and a half years, and about eighteen months into a two and a half year aromatherapy course.

Being told that this miraculous therapy could be learnt in a weekend or two seemed rather dubious to me, way back in my ignoramus days. Perhaps if I'd been offered a try things may have been different, but there we are.

I believe that it is a case that I was not yet ready and had things to learn before coming back to Reiki. Time went on. I qualified in 1994 in both my therapies and began practice. Unfortunately, I am not able to work with a couch and the years have taken their toll of my back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

I went to see a spiritual healer who was recommended to me. She helped me quite a bit and pointed out that those of us who work closely with people, especially hands-on, need to ensure that their own energetic needs are supported, or else risk burn-out. She suggested I needed to find a way to do this, for my long-term good.

It was now 1997. I had read a few articles about Reiki in the health magazines and now had a better idea of what it was about. It sounded like it could be what I needed.

As it happened, synchronicity at work here, I had taught an adult education class on herbal medicine. One of the group was a lady who ran her own school of natural therapies. And she had Reiki workshops up and running. I decided to go along to the next one, in January 1998.

This workshop was run by Barry and Rosemary Mapp. They had a preference for putting Reiki over in a pure and simple way and were excellent teachers.

I tried it on my rather bemused husband that first evening. Whilst I was doing that one of the cats, who had uncharacteristically totally ignored me when I came in, oozed off the sofa and tangled herself all around my legs.

As soon as I finished, she stopped and went back to sleep on the sofa! After the second day both cats would now not leave me alone. I tried it out on them and they blissed out. The one from the night before kept picking my finger up very gently in her teeth and moving it to a different position. I moved it back and she did the same thing, four times.

After this I had to change my decent sweaters whenever I sat down as the cats wouldn't leave me alone. Animals pick up strongly on energy work.

My clients were happy to let me incorporate some Reiki into their treatments and the feedback was always positive. I also found that I was no longer feeling drained at the end of the day.

I was also far more aware of my senses. Everything was brighter, more vibrant, especially the gardens. Being aware of the birdsong at dusk was really relaxing. By May 1998 I had done my level 2 so was now able to offer Reiki as part of my practice.

I had no intention of going on to Masters until I found my clients asking me if I was able to teach them Reiki, rather than passing them on to Lynn.

So in the autumn of 2000 I recommenced my Reiki journey and took my Masters with Barry. My husband accompanied me; having been nagged into Reiki 1, he did Reiki 2 for himself. Doing Masters meant that we could work as a team, if needed. I became a Master/Teacher in January 2001. I treated myself regularly, treated clients and ran level 1 and 2 workshops.

As I have continued on the Reiki path, I have found that, for me, Reiki is actually a way of life, rather than something you do. I was talking to another Reiki Master one day a few years ago as I was doing some locum reception work at a complementary health centre. I was reading Arjava Petter's “Reiki Fire” and asking her if she'd seen this new information. No, can't be bothered, was the response.

My colleague and mentor at the clinic had a client who would benefit from Reiki, he thought. He referred her to me rather than the other lady, because he said he felt I was 'not doing Reiki just as another certificate on the wall.'

That client went on from having treatments to doing her Reiki 1 and 2 with me and now carries out Reiki treatments in the local hospice. One of my other students asked me if I would be teaching Masters classes.

When first asked I felt I wasn't yet ready to teach Teachers. It's such a responsibility and I still felt something was missing. That 'something' arrived via the Cygnus book club and in September 2004 came another milestone.

I attended a day seminar on the Japanese origins of Reiki, about which, until very recently, little has been known. This led me to Taggart King of Reiki Evolution and over three months from October 2005 to January 2006 I added to my Reiki knowledge, redoing my Master level, and learning about the things that Mikao Usui himself taught his students, passed down to us by some of those same students, who were still alive as late as 2000.

I use the Hatsurei Ho and self-healing meditations daily upon myself to keep in a balanced state and find that it helps me to avoid drains upon my personal energy levels which my other work can sometimes have.

I am so pleased to be teaching Reiki to those who seek it, knowing it can bring such a wealth of love, joy and health to those who really take it on board.

The journey continues. Although I have enjoyed my herbal practice forthcoming statutory regulation has made me reappraise where I want to go with my work. Years of aromatherapy work without the use of a couch has also taken its toll.

So taking the long view, in September 2006 I attended a Foundation course in EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES. Like Reiki, this is a deceptively simple energy technique that you can use on yourself as well as others and can have astounding results.

EFT is a technique that I find I am using regularly in my daily life and I am amazed and fascinated by it.

In February 2007 I attended the EFT Practitioner Level course with Martine Moorby in Harrogate . This was the most staggering course I have ever been on and it resulted in a major shift for me. As a result of all this, I am now a member of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET). There are many avenues to explore under the 'energy medicine' umbrella so I am sure that this will be a cumulative, ongoing process, and one which I look forward to with great pleasure.

In July 2007 I had my first EFT article published in ‘Easily Relieve Your Stress, Panic or Fear, Using EFT’, having taken up the challenge from Angela Treat Lyon in her newsletter. On September 10th I had an article included in Gary Craig’s EFT newsletter.

During much of 2007 and early 2008, I have been working upon an eBook on the use of EFT for Menopause and its symptoms, “Menopause - Hormonal Balance With EFT”, which   addresses this issue of menopausal hormonal challenges. It is now available from

I have learnt a huge amount from those who have come to see me. I hope that I have been able to help most of them to find a better quality of life and to change their perceptions of what constitutes health and wholeness.

I find it fascinating to watch the majority of those who come to me find the ability to change their lives around. I do not do the healing. That comes from one person only, the one who needs to be healed.

I see my role as a facilitator of this process, a guide or advisor, offering support, EFT and Reiki as required but letting the recipient find their own way to 'wholeness'. The following seems very apt to me.

'I would not interfere with any creed of yours,
or want to appear that I have all the cures.
There is so much to know.
So many things are true.
The way my feet must go
may not be best for you.
And so I give this spark
of what is light to me
to guide you through the dark
but not tell you what to see.'

( Author Unknown)

I am also a keen reader of books on a personal development/spirituality slant and have an interest in crystals. Nutrition is another interest, in particular its role with diabetes and the pros and cons of the cholesterol debate.

For relaxation I putter about in the garden, read fantasy and historical novels, do cross-stitch and, most of all, indulge in my addiction for the craft of card-making. When we can, we like to escape to the idyllic Yorkshire Dales, which I regard as my spiritual home.

Who knows what the future brings? To me it seems bright with opportunities and blessings. And this is what I want to share with all those who come to me for help.

And so mote it be.